Submitted by: Doug Truesdell
MANY THANKS to all of you for making TOMRV a great ride, our 40th year! Saturday was a hot day but a tailwind pushed riders in early. Sunday was similar but headwinds made for a tough ride. Riders reported a challenging trip back.

The rider count was 1,086 - first year riders were 30% of the total, 23% of riders were women, and 66% of our riders started at Scott. Thanks to you returning riders for telling your friends and bike clubs about our ride.

I know of one injury when a rider went down in a road crack. Overall the bike tour was safe this year.

Have a great riding summer. For those of you going on RAGBRAI have a fun week. For your other endurance events this year - good fortune. And of course have a great summer biking with your family, friends and bike clubs.

Doug Truesdell
TOMRV Coordinator