Submitted by: John
In the photo are Doug Truesdell and myself. Doug ran TOMRV for 20 years and retired from the position tonight. I represented the QCBC and gave Doug a $500 Thank You gift.
Submitted by: Janette Harrington
New photos from the Spring Tailwind from Janette Harrington. Don't forget to join us in October for the Fall Tailwind!

Submitted by: Don Luth
We had 66 riders enjoy a beautiful day for a tailwind ride with west winds at 8 to 10mph, sun shining brightly and temps in the 60s. We left Webster, Iowa on our journey back to Ben Butterworth Parkway. Our route took us through Wellman, Kalona, Riverside, Lone Tree, Muscatine, Montpelier, Buffalo, Davenport, Rock Island and finally Moline. We had a few minor detours on the way, one in Riverside due to construction, others were in the Quad-Cities due to flooding. We enjoyed lunch on the Muscatine riverfront; a big thanks to Janette Harrington for getting the buses and all the food and drinks for lunch and to Becky Luth for helping at the SAG. We greatly appreciate you ladies. Thanks to John Harrington for helping setting up the SAG and Kevin Smith for checking everyone in at Ben Butterworth. As usual Dave Thompson picked a great route and spent his Friday marking it for us. Many thanks. Joe Jamison again this year he provided us with a storage trailer at Ben Butterworth for the bags and blankets. Thanks Joe.

Please join us for the Fall Tailwind on Saturday, October 6th.

Zoran Mundisev Greg Gabrilson John Thier

Riders Enjoying the SAG

Becky Luth & Janette Harrington supporting the SAG
Submitted by: Jim Hudson
The Quad Cities Bicycle Club is very pleased to announce that we are expanding our 2018 club race schedule to include Road racing. Our race calendar begins April 19th with a Road race on Campbell's Island. From May through July there will be both Road and Time Trial races held on Tuesdays (TT) and Thursdays(RR). Our races give cyclists a chance to develop their technique and racing skills without the need for a cycling license and without having to travel away to attend a race..Come out and try something new this year with one or all of the race opportunities we have to offer. Race information is available at the Club Racing link at or check the ride schedule. Contact club president, Jim Hudson 309-787-9660, for more info.