Tour Of the Mississippi River Valley
June 8-9 2019

2018 TOMRV Report

A big thanks to all of you riders for making TOMRV a great tour this year! Overcast skies and a Sunday tailwind made riding enjoyable to everyone. A few riders were caught by rain, and storms hit Dubuque on Saturday night, but most made it through both days without getting wet.

With the Sabula Bridge closed, this is the first time the Dubuque route has not crossed the Mississippi. Instead we stopped in Bellevue on Saturday with great views of the river and of barges leaving the locks to head down-river. Many riders liked the alternate route that covered new roads and the new town of LaMotte.

Here are some numbers for the tour. Our final rider count was 850. First year riders were 29% of the total, while 50% reported this was their first, second or third tour. 21% if our riders were women. The median rider age was 52 years. 63% of all riders left from Bettendorf. Numbers aside, I hope all of us experienced the joy of a long open road, the interest of seeing what's over the next hill, and the satisfaction of reaching a challenging goal.

No severe injuries have been reported. One rider was driven to Clarke with a good lump on her knee. I don't know of any other accidents. The cooler weather probably made us more alert and safer on the bike.

Thank you to our many TOMRV volunteers for making this year's ride a big success, managing the packet pickup and staffing the sag stops. Many have ridden TOMRV themselves and they know and love the experience the same way you do. And thank you to the townspeople who support us and put up with us each year.

Next year's tour will be June 8-9, 2019 and registration will open on December 1, 2018. Have a great riding summer and remember us for next year. Most new riders come with friends who have ridden before, so tell your riding friends about the tour. That makes the event happen in the coming years.

On a personal note, I am passing the Coordinator position to another QCBC club rider, Cindy Bottrell. She will be transitioning into the role for this coming year. Like the many other volunteers I have enjoyed working with the tour immensely.

Doug Truesdell
TOMRV Coordinator