July 11, 2017 Time Trial Results

The second race of this years' time trial series was held in Reynolds, IL on Tuesday evening, July 11th. The course was a 20K circular route on well paved country roads, with light traffic. Weather was predicted to be very hot but overcast skies kept the temperatures down and the winds were light so head winds were a minor factor. Fifteen racers came out to do the "Race of Truth" with many new faces and some riders doing their very first event.
Brian Hohensee (32)- 31:49
Mike Campbell (54)- 32:25
Bob Thompson (62)- 33:52
Eric Nordstrom (47)- 34:56
Jesse Esparza (34)- 36:41
Andrew Thompson (?)- 38:14
Patrick DeCoster (66)- 38:48
Roger Fobair (64)- 39:37
Casey Stengel (63)- 41:24
Rick Secor (48)- 41:40
Eli Secor (21)- 42:38
Terry Burke (77)- 45:52
Lynn Woodard (64 )-45:58
Cathy Cooper (54)- 47:38
Dennis Hall (55)- went  off course
The third and final race in the2017 Time Trial Series will be held on August 8th in Barstow, IL. This race is a 30k route out and back on Barstow Rd. Registration 5:30-6:15. Cost is free to club members and $5.00 for non-members. Everyone is welcome to participate.