Jul 20-27 2019


When you order your RAGBRAI XLVII jersey with the QCBC Preferred Charter, the jersey will be customized with QCBC or a variation of our bike club on the side panels of the jerseys.

RAGBRAI offers a RAGBRAI cycling kit. Riders have the opportunity to add a pair of shorts or bibs that coordinates with their official RAGBRAI jersey. The shorts and bibs are stock printing. The cycling kit special pricing will only be available during the online REGISTRATION process. By ordering during registration, you will receive a discount on the jersey and cycling kits off the normal retail price found in the online store and in the trailers during the ride. Your RAGBRAI TAGS and gear ordered during registration will be included in your QCBC Charter packets, so there is no charge for shipping. We will receive our club's RAGBRAI items in bulk and they will not be shipped to you. Charter member packet pickup is the afternoon of July 19th. Again, you must order your own RAGBRAI merchandise yourself during the online registration process.