QCBC RAGBRAI XLV Charter Service
Jul 23-29 2017



Your birthday is the perfect time to honor you - an amazing man and giving person who's always looking for ways to make life better for others. It was great seeing you every day on RAGBRAI.

Thanks for all you do,

Kaye LeBeau
Davenport, Iowa


Thank you and congratulations on the QCBC success at RAGBRAI XLIV! This was my second year riding with QCBC and - like last year - your hard work and your team's excellent implementation made for a good week.

I look forward to more RAGBRAI riding and camping with QCBC.

Thanks, again,

Tom Sweeney
Rockville, Virginia

Hey Dixon,

I really enjoyed riding across Iowa with the QCBC gang; many thanks and much appreciation! A special shout to the "crew" that did the heavy lifting all week; awesome work! Thanks for keeping the beer extra cold!

Looking forward to joining you on a future ride.

Best Wishes,

Mike Nelson
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Thank You Dixon,

For all your planning and time. RAGBRAI was a great week.

John Craven
Chicago, Illinois


Thanks for organizing the tires and tubes! Used a myriad of different fixes this year. Only had a need for the 700 x 18 to 25 cc inner tubes. Used fold ups. Derailleur hangers - 2, 1 quick link Shimano #11, chain lube, jammed chains....used a bit of oil on two frames where the chain was stuck against the frame...worked great!... leg cramping pills 4-5 packets, 6 Gatorades for riders on their last legs, smoothies for those needing a recharge, one zip tie, one handle bar end, used wire cutters to cut broken spokes off of two different bikes, Leatherman to tighten 9/16 inch crank arm bolt, and put the tire pump that you had prepared for me to work at least 20 times. Air Force was covering a lot of ground. Worked together with the Air Force on 7 repairs including some of the above. Roads were better this year, less rim strip issues. Took 10-15 family pictures for those riding and cheering and supporting RAGBRAI with their own phones as well as those successfully getting back on the road after a repair.

Learned from an Air Force guy, Tom, who got creative and opened a quick link by pushing the link against the sprocket teeth.

Next year I will have 10 derailleur hangers, 3 fold ups average, per day, 5 more fiber spokes, a 9/16 socket set, looking for a universal socket set and more leg cramp packets.

Razorback, I owe you big time for all the work you put in on this 2016 RAGBRAI event. Also, I was impressed by your personal touch checking off names of the riders on the loading bus heading out to RAGBRAI, even when you probably had 1 minute of sleep in the last week, TJ must be rubbing off on you!

Take care, Bareback

Dean "Bareback" Mathias
Milan, Illinois

Hi Dixon,

Thanks for the pics and Anne's link! I had a great time on RAGBRAI! The whole week was so much fun!

I would come out for it again in a heartbeat and if I ever get the chance, I will be sure to look you and the QCBC up!

Marianne Mekis
Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania

Thanks Dixon,

For sending Anne's photos along. She captured the many facets of RAGBRAI that keep people wanting to come back year after year! Who knows, maybe another year for me ...

Thank you, too, for all that you did for the QCBC to make 2016 a fun and successful ride thru Iowa! Your countless volunteer hours certainly do not go unnoticed and are very much appreciated! I also enjoyed riding with you and visiting during the week. By now I trust you are rested and enjoying some "fun" riding! Hopefully we will have a beautiful fall to pedal into and thru!

Take care and thanks again for all your efforts!

Kelly Komula
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Hey Dixon!

Thanks for organizing another great QCBC trip. - Ralph

Ralph Cantral
Washington, DC

Hey Dixon!

I truly enjoyed RAGBRAI- mostly due to meeting so many interesting people along the way. It was funny how often we would run into Anne every day. I knew she was taking great photos so I'm glad you passed them along to us!

Hope all is well with you and again, want to thank for a really great week!

Diane Birmingham
Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

Hi Dixon,

We so enjoyed RAGBRAI. It's fun to look at the pictures and remember so much about the ride. Take care, Janet

Janet Anspach-Rickey
Boulder, Colorado


My husband and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we had with the QCBC on RAGBRAI. Everyone was very nice and organized. We had a great time and just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your hard work! It was the most amazing experience of our lives. We wish the whole would could get along as well as the people on RAGBRAI!

Thank you,
Carol and Bill Rice
Springfield, Illinois


Thanks for all your efforts in making this year's RAGBRAI a success. It was great!

Ray Barber
Falls Church, Virginia